Yes, we are back to the topic of the sound of electric cars. This is one of the factors that fans of conventional internal combustion engines in electric cars do not like very much – the absence of the usual sounds of the mechanisms and the sensations associated with them. Dodge, for example, has already presented their own solution to this issue. Now it’s Hyundai’s time.

In a short teaser, noticed by AutoGeek, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N crossover can be seen in “camouflage” driving through the streets of Seoul and drifting on the track of the company’s Namyang R&D center. Before such car already appeared in the mass media.

It would seem that the new teaser is quite ordinary. But if you look closely at the details, you can see that in such an electric car, the manufacturer has taken care of the “virtual shift mode”, which will simulate gear shifting with the addition of appropriate jolts and vibrations, which was previously discussed by executive technical advisor Albert Biermann.

Also, the new crossover will accompany all this with N Sound Plus sounds, which will complement the physical sensations with simulated sounds of the exhaust system. Similar things are used even in ordinary cars, but in electric cars they are only experimenting with this so far.

However, the sound is still synthetic and, of course, it will not remind of the “good old days with a V8”, but in theory will satsify the fans’ nostalgia. More interestingly, Hyundai says future updates will add the ability to download custom sounds. And in this case, it will still be possible to give the car the desired sound.

It is worth noting that in the case of electric cars, such a sound is unlikely to bother the environment and will not disturb, say, at night. At the same time, it will still entertain the owner while driving.

Along with this, the Ioniq 5 N will have four-wheel drive with a drift mode, approximately 600 hp capacity and proprietary improved batteries. The electric crossover will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in mid-July, followed by the start of sales before the end of the year. And such pleasure will not be cheap, because the approximate price of the model will reach more than $61,600.