The White House is studying how companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and manage employees. In Joe Biden’s administration, the practice is seen as increasingly widespread and potentially damaging. This is reported by Bloomberg.

“While these technologies can benefit both workers and employers in some cases, they can also create serious risks to workers,” deputies from the White House Domestic Policy Council and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy wrote in a blog post slated for publication soon.

They also announced a request for information on the use of automated tools in the workplace.

“The constant tracking of performance can push workers to move too fast on the job, posing risks to their safety and mental health,” wrote the officials, Deputy Assistant to the President for Racial Justice and Equity Jenny Yang, and Deputy US Chief Technology Officer Deirdre Mulligan.

In addition, they wrote, using tech to monitor workers’ conversations can deter them from exercising their right to organize, and AI can fuel discrimination in pay and discipline.

Earlier, researchers from the University of Zurich found that ChatGPT can outperform workers performing the task of labeling text that will be used to train an AI system. They found that ChatGPT can label text with greater accuracy and consistency.