Sony shipped 6.3 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, which ended in March. A year earlier, the figure was 2 million units. It is reported by The Verge with reference to the manufacturer’s data.

In total, the Japanese giant shipped 19.1 million PS5s in the fiscal year. Thus, the sales of this Sony console have reached 38.4 million units since the beginning of sales.

At the same time, Bloomberg notes that sales of Sony’s games have actually declined. In the last quarter of the fiscal year, this figure amounted to 68 million units compared to 70.5 million a year earlier. The monthly number of active PlayStation Network users increased from 106 million to 108 million. However, the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers remained at 47.4 million.

Instead, CNBC draws attention to Sony’s rather strong financial results. For example, the company’s operating profit for the year amounted to a record 1.2 trillion yen (about $8.9 billion). For the fiscal year that has just begun, Sony expects an operating profit of 1.17 trillion yen. This represents a decline of approximately 3% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Previously, it was reported that Sony is developing a new portable gaming device codenamed Q Lite, which will require a PlayStation 5. One might expect Sony’s new portable gaming console to rely on cloud gaming, but the Q Lite will instead use Remote Play to connect to the PlayStation 5.