Since its inception, the Apple Watch hasn’t offered the user a huge variety of devices that the watch can communicate with — just one iPhone and that’s it. According to an analyst with the appropriate Twitter nickname — analyst941 — who has previously shared accurate product insights Apple, the company plans to change this restriction.

According to the insider, in the future Apple Watch will be able to synchronize not only with iPhone, but also with iPad and Mac. Unfortunately, so far this is all that is known to the analyst, without technical details on the implementation of such functionality.

For example, you can speculate that AirPods can be synchronized via iCloud, so a similar model can be applied to a “smart” watch.

As the analyst notes, such information has just reached them and they have nothing more. But hopes to see such functionality already this year. Then, most likely, you will be able to see Apple Watch support for communication with several devices at the presentation of the new model in the fall. Or we will have another pleasant surprise at WWDC 2023 in a month.