Smart TV opens up many additional possibilities – from gaming to setting up business video conferences with presentations, from broadcasting any content to using many applications. But at the same time, the load on the software and the operating system increases, and many of us noticed that the TV freezes, starts to work more slowly.

How to speed up the work of Smart TV? Experts of the European brand of Smart TVs KIVI explain.

What determines the performance of the TV?

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

We have just turned on a new series on Netflix, sat comfortably and are already anticipating the pleasure of watching the new season, when suddenly the TV freezes – so the device needs to be rebooted, and watching the series is postponed. In order to reduce such situations, it is worth knowing: in order for the TV to be fast, it is necessary to check in a timely manner how much its memory is loaded – built-in (the one where we download content) and RAM (used during the direct operation of the TV).

The less free space on the device, the slower the entire system will work – a simple rule that will make everyday life easier. KIVI experts recommend connecting an external drive and using it as a built-in TV memory. For example, KIVI TVs new lines allow you to connect additional devices with a capacity of up to 2 TB – so the built-in memory of the TV remains free, and it starts working much faster.

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

Also, we should not neglect the habit that comes in handy with our smartphone: cleaning the gadget and deleting applications that we do not use. Let’s say to do it once a week. It takes quite a bit of time, but it is very effective.

Sometimes you can feel a significant difference in the operation of the TV if you simply clear the cache of games or applications.

Why is it better to use the latest versions of operating systems?

Modern smart TVs require constant OS updates. For example, the Android TV 11 operating system installed in new KIVI line, is the latest available version of Google’s TV OS on the market. KIVI experts always recommend using the latest available versions of operating systems, because they work faster and more productively, are optimized and more secure.

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

At KIVI, we believe that it is not necessary to turn off automatic OS updates, as many users do. The developer adds important updates to new versions of the operating system that can speed it up and make it safer. So don’t forget to update.

Another important point: the OS must be official, because this way it can be updated regardless of the TV manufacturer, and Google supports its stable operation throughout the lifetime of the device. The official update available from Google must be installed on the TV from official resources, since unofficial firmware downloaded from a flash drive can cause the TV to freeze, and only a service center can fix it.

Fast software ensures fast work

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

In order to maintain the smoothness of the mage and the speed of the devices, the KIVI company purchased a batch of the latest chipsets for the latest line. They are involved in the graphic processing of the image and their power allows the TV to work stably and quickly for a long period of time. These chipsets are 30% more powerful than the average on the market.

Why quality Internet is the most important thing

When it comes to the speed and quality of Smart TV operation, it is worth remembering: this is impossible without a modern router (which can also age, so it needs periodic updating) and a good Internet connection. Therefore, if you have already taken the main steps from our list – the memory has been cleared, the operating system of your TV has been updated – but you still notice that the TV lags while watching 4K video or playing heavy games, you should think about the quality of the Internet connection.

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

The minimum speed required by the TV is 30 Mbit/s, which will guarantee a clear, high-quality signal. But 4K requires a faster Internet – from 100 Mbit/s. Therefore, the main recommendation from KIVI to make your TV work fast is to ensure stable and fast access to the network. This is especially true for users who watch 4K video streaming or play games on the TV. The real speed can be checked online using a speed test (it may differ from the one declared by the provider).

About KIVI

KIVI is an international company founded in 2016, whose European office is located in Budapest. The main business is the development and production of Smart TVs with the distribution of products in Europe and Asia. Department of Research & Development is located in Ukraine and China.

KIVI is manufactured at the facilities of the world’s largest contract manufacturer MTC (Shenzhen, China) and meets international quality requirements. KIVI uses components from leading manufacturers in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

More than 1.5 million devices have been sold to date.

KIVI is a certified partner of Google and Netflix.