Harrison Ford will return to the big screens as soon as this summer — in the fifth part of the cult franchise Indiana Jones. At most, in the first 25 minutes of the film, we will be able to observe the young main character. The miracle, of course, did not happen, and the 80-year-old actor has not yet found the source of youth. So the creators of the film had to use new software to rejuvenate the famous archaeologist.

The beginning of the movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny takes us to 1944 – about eight years after the first part of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. To reproduce the young hero, original footage from the Lucasfilm archive was found. Ford was also filmed with capture points on the face to help the system perform its task better. So we hope that the result will be quite realistic.

Disney, by the way, at the end of last year showed AI tool that rejuvenates actors in seconds. It’s a neural network that was trained on thousands of images of synthetic human faces, projecting how the actor’s face might look on camera at different stages of life.