The European season of the festival Indie Cup has ended and the jury has chosen the winners in four categories. Unfortunately, Ukrainian games, some of which reached the finals, did not win anything this time.

The Most Anticipated Game Award went to a fantasy city-building strategy in an apocalyptic setting Against the Storm (Eremite Games). The game is already out on Steam Early Access and has garnered very positive feedback from players. It is interesting that Against the Storm takes the main prize of the competition for the second time, in 2021 it won the title of Best PC Game at the Indie Cup S’21.

The title of Most Promising Game Award, for games in the early stages of development, went to the gothic and surreal visual novel Where Birds Go to Sleep (Quiet Little Feet). The game already has a Steam page, so it can be added to Wish list.

The Rising Star Award, for the best game by a small team without a publisher, went to tactical strategy Winter Falling: Battle Tactics (Rarykos), which is also already in Steam Early Access. The authors were inspired by such projects as Warhammer, FTL and the Total War series.

The last prize, the Critics’ Choice Award,in which the representatives of Mezha also voted, went to another post-apocalyptic urban planning strategy, but this time with beavers – Timberborn (Mechanistry). And this game is also already in Steam Early Access and also has exclusively positive feedback from players.

Indie Cup Central & Eastern Europe’23 featured 145 upcoming indie games in total. The projects were evaluated by experts from the companies Those Awesome Guys, Bloober Team,, Bohemia Interactive, Curve Games, thatgamecompany and many others, as well as journalists and influencers.

Now another competition has started on the Indie Cup website – Indie Cup UK’23, games for which are accepted until 9 May 2023. Festivals for German and Canadian indie developers will start soon.