Tinder will now ask users to take a video selfie to verify their identity and avoid fraud, writes The Verge.

The new feature will act as a new verification method for users worldwide. It will be necessary to get a blue tick. For this, a person will have to record a video in the application using the front camera of the smartphone. Once verified, Tinder users will only be able to communicate with those who have also passed this process.

This is similar to the modern verification required by other companies such as Apple and Google. Another application for dating – Hinge – adheres to such approaches. It introduced the video selfie feature last year to combat the rise in scams.

We previously reported that the craze for image-generating artificial intelligence has entered its next phase of absurdity: creating fake profile photos to help you look better on dating apps like Tinder and on social media.

For $19 a service called PhotoAI uses 12-20 of your mediocre, poorly lit selfies to generate a batch of fake photos tailored to your chosen style or platform.