Opera Software presented Opera One — full redesigned browser, which is going to replace the current desktop Opera for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Opera One features an updated interface, integration with AI chatbots, and tab management features.

The developer claims that Opera One is the first Chromium browser to use a multithreaded compositor, which in particular helps to render various complex web content and interface animations smoothly.

One of the main features of Opera One is a new tab grouping concept called Tab Islands: it automatically groups tabs based on context. This should make it easier to use the browser with a lot of open tabs.

Opera One

ChatGPT and ChatSonic chatbots, various messengers, Opera tools, virtual “work screens”, etc. are integrated into the sidebar of Opera One — all this can be customized, hide unnecessary icons and vice versa, enable those that you plan to use on a regular basis. Artificial intelligence is also used in the AI prompts function, which suggests possible requests to ChatGPT based on the content of the current web page.

The modular design, according to the developer, will allow the browser to dynamically adapt to the user’s needs, bringing to the forefront only the key functions: the corresponding modules in Opera One will automatically adjust depending on the context, providing the user with a freer and easier viewing experience. As a result, the browser has a cleaner look with fewer elements that interfere with the perception of content.

Opera One is now available for download as an “early access” on the official site.