Many bloggers and media have their own merch stores. Most often, you can find T-shirts and hoodies, notebooks, mugs, etc. there. Some in the field go even further, such as Linus Tech Tips, whose virtual store also offers screwdrivers, pet clothes and even underwear. Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, is not far behind, and also releases his own curiosities.

Marquez says that he is a fan of comfortable shoes and was most often seen in one of the Air Force 1 models – Nike’s most popular sneakers.

Now the video blogger’s online store offers the sneakers, in the development of which he personally participated. These were prepared together with the shoe manufacturer Atoms. The work lasted a couple of years, and the final model was called the M251 (where the numbers are taken from the length of his first video from the distant 2008 — 2 minutes 51 seconds).

“A collaboration between Marques Brownlee and Atoms represents the partnership between two innovative minds with a shared love for creativity, functionality, and quality. The limited edition sneaker features a sleek design that blends style and comfort, paying homage to Marques’ first YouTube video and the start of his journey as a creator,” reads the product page.

The sneakers are made in the Mid Top format in the author’s favorite colors – black and red, with some white elements. The MKBHD and Atoms logos, as well as Marquez’s signature on the label, were also included. There is a separate NYC badge. Along with that, the site states that “the 251 is made from 100% vegan, recyclable materials.” 

Blogger MKBHD released his first sneakers with Atoms

As Marques noted, with their approach to the selection of materials, the shoes are comfortable in any season.

Unfortunately, the M251 does not have any “smart” functions. These are regular shoes without built-in sensors or the ability to install sensors in them, as it was once possible to do, for example, with Nike sneakers, and sync data with an iPod (Nike+iPod Sports Kit).

Another blogger, Dave Lee (Dave2D) managed to play Marquez, having previously painted the shoes in his signature colors.

The price of the pair is $189. Currently, they are not delivered only to Ukraine and Russia.