A lot of attention is paid to the topic of health in modern smartphones and “smart” gadgets. Apple is one of the first companies to emphasize this in new operating systems and the Apple Watch. And, according to insiders among the developers, we will see the company’s further steps in this direction in the near future.

The service, codenamed Quartz, will help motivate users to exercise, improve eating habits, and help with sleep. Such a “coach” will work on the basis of artificial intelligence, as well as new technology for tracking emotions.

Apple already has a similar service, LumiHealth, which was launched with the Singaporean government in 2020. But unlike Lumi, which encourages users with small rewards, Quartz will instead have a paid subscription model.

Currently, several divisions are working on the project, including teams in healthcare, Siri, artificial intelligence, and, of course, services. Quartz is planned to launch next year, but as always, could be pushed back or even delayed.

Other plans from Cupertino also include adding a larger format Heath app to the iPad. Such an update should happen in iPadOS 17. Such a move is expected to increase the use of the manufacturer’s tablets in medical institutions, where they have already gained popularity. The application will act as a portal where users can share health information with doctors.

Also this year, tools for tracking emotions and the state of vision (for example, myopia) should appear. The initial version of the emotion tracker will allow you to record your mood, answer questions about your day and compare results over time. In the future, with the help of algorithms, the iPhone should learn to determine the mood of the user based on his language, words, and other indicators.

Along with this, the mixed reality headset will also play a role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, with features for meditation and training with Apple Fitness+.

The Heath app for iPadOS will most likely be shown at WWDC 2023, while the coaching service will remain behind the scenes this year. At the same time, the mood and emotion tracking features will be separate from the new diary application that Apple also plans to release this year.