A group of developers has launched a startup called Beatly Music, which will allow you to upload artificial intelligence (AI)-generated music online without fear of its possible deletion, writes Music Ally.

“Even Soundcloud, the king of 2000s mixes, has also taken many of these songs down. It’s clear that AI-powered mashups are the future, though, and there needs to be a place where people can put their music up without being taken down,” wrote one of its founders, Alexander Zwerner, in an introductory post on Product Hunt.

According to him, Beatly uses a decentralized hosting structure and an anonymous upload process. This will help prevent removal and avoid lawsuits against uploaders.

“We’ve tried to go back to Napster days to imagine a product where people can put up new, exciting AI mashup music and not be scared of it being taken down or being sued by UMG.”

We will remind you that recently a song called Heart On My Sleeve became wildly popular on social networks. However, its artists Drake and The Weekend never recorded it. It was created by using AI to clone voices. The song was recorded by an individual known as @ghostwriter, who claims that the AI training software was trained on the voices of the two artists.

The composition was quickly removed from streaming services, and the situation itself exacerbated creative and legal issues in the music world. Some artists are outraged that their voices can be used in such tracks. However, there are those who were positive about the initiative – among them the Canadian singer Grimes, who allowed her voice to be freely used in tracks by AI.