The Polestar company, which once originated from Volvo, introduced a new model with the concise name Polestar 4.

We have a mixture of different classes and segments: this is an electric car, it has hints of a crossover (protective pads on the bottom), there are also hints of a coupe (doors without frames and a streamlined silhouette), although there are five doors in total – like a regular hatchback. However, the most unusual thing is that the Polestar 4 does not have a rear window. Instead, a rear-view camera is installed, which transmits the image to a monitor in the center mirror – yes, it remains.

The new Polestar 4 is based on the SEA platform with a large battery (102 kWh) located within the wheelbase. However, there are two versions of the Polestar 4 model, which differ in the type of drive and power.

So, the rear-wheel drive Polestar 4 has one electric motor (200 kW or 272 hp) and can cover a distance of up to 600 km on a full battery charge. The all-wheel drive version is equipped with two electric motors (total power 400 kW or 544 hp) and can travel up to 560 km on one fully charged battery. But it will do it quickly: the Polestar 4 all-wheel drive electric car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds!

The Polestar 4 new product will go on sale in the European market in early 2024. The price list will start from 60,000 euros.