In the recent Cyberpunk 2077 RT Overdrive update, the developers added not only Path Tracing support, but also Intel XeSS scaling technology. The Intel company in its blog paid attention to this circumstance, sharing its own test results.

Intel XeSS Intel Arc A750

Experiments were carried out with an Intel Arc A750 graphics card. In 1080p mode with Ultra settings and RT Medium ray tracing enabled, the video card delivered an average of 39 fps. That is, actually unplayable conditions. After enabling Intel XeSS Performance, performance increased to 67 fps. The acceleration was almost 72%, actually allowing quite comfortable gaming with ray tracing enabled on the Intel Arc A750. However, the developers indicate that the Performance intelligent scaling profile was used, so the question of the final image quality remains.

Intel XeSS significantly improves performance in Cyberpunk 2077

The platform on which testing was carried out included a Core i9-13900K processor, an Intel Z790 board, and 32 GB of RAM.

It is interesting that recently Intel has more often focused on the capabilities of the Intel Arc A750, rather than the older version of the Arc A770. Apparently, the manufacturer is trying to once again emphasize the good price/performance ratio of the younger model, especially after the official price of the Intel Arc A750 has been reduced from $289 to $249. However, unfortunately, Intel video cards are still not officially offered in Ukraine.