The International Committee of the Red Cross stepped in the shit again. We simply do not know how else to comment on the new initiative of this organization, which during the Russian-Ukrainian war has already repeatedly proven the helplessness and senselessness of its existence.

This time, the International Committee of the Red Cross took the initiative on observing the rules and laws of war in… shooters. As if bringing order to video games, which is impossible by definition, is the most important task right now. As if there is no real war in Europe right now, in which Russia openly disrespects the law, attacks civilians every day, and commits numerous crimes against humanity. Indeed, when else to fight with windmills, if not now. Well done, Red Cross!

“We, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), unite all FPS players to play by the Rules of War, which protect the humanity and dignity of people around the world,” says the website of the initiative.

At the same time, the things offered by the ICRC are simply ridiculous from the point of view of multiplayer shooters. For example, “civilian infrastructure is protected objects.” Hell, most maps in online shooters are civilian objects. Or “use first aid kits on everyone”… But have they ever seen shooters? Use first aid kits for what? Firstly, there is usually no option to use a first aid kit on an enemy in such games. Secondly, if you heal a wounded enemy in the game, then a second later they will kill you and mock the corpse of such an idiot.

In a word, this whole ICRC initiative looks like some kind of madness and another waste of money.

More than that. It turned out that the Red Cross supports the game Escape from Tarkov in this initiative (now already removed from the website of the ICRC), created by the Russians. The authors of the game, the studio Battlestate Games, openly support the war in Ukraine and even help some units of Russian terrorists financially. Good choice, Red Cross, direct support of war crimes by an international supposedly humanitarian organization.

From our point of view, the initiative of the International Committee of the Red Cross to combat virtual crimes in video games at a time when the Russians are committing real war crimes in Ukraine is… it’s hard to even find a word. This is meanness and vileness. We suggest everyone not to transfer funds to ICRC initiatives and try to convince your friends and partners abroad not to do so. Such mockery of common sense and victims of real war crimes is in itself a crime against humanity.