Buick showed the Envista 2024 model year car, which received minor updates. However, it has not changed in essence.

So, in the form of the Buick Envista 2024, we have a 4.6-meter coupe-crossover with a rather pleasant design, which forms a defined drop-shaped roof line and narrow headlights and taillights. Note that the main headlights are set lower, they seem to be hidden in the radiator grille – which, by the way, has changed in the 2024 version of the model year. In addition, from now on, the Buick Envista can boast 18- and even 19-inch wheels (depending on the version). There are some changes in the interior as well: a new climate control unit, a large 11-inch central display is installed – together with the instrument screen, they create a continuous panel with a diagonal of 19 inches.

However, the most important changes happened under the hood. From now on, a 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine is offered for the Buick Envista model, producing power at the level of 136 hp. This engine works together with a 6-speed automatic transmission – no other options are provided. The rest of the equipment is also not impressive: front-wheel drive, independent front suspension and semi-independent rear; except that it is worth noting the use of the Watt’s linkage on the rear axle.

However, everything is compensated by design and price. After all, the coupe-crossover Buick Envista 2024 will cost from $23,500: a kind of “popular option” for fans of stylish design.