So, we welcome the new smart #3 SUV, which is actually the second model in the recent history of the smart company.

At first glance, it seems that the smart #3 electric car is just a coupe-like version of the smart #1 – very similar design and equipment: SEA platform, standard version with one electric motor (272 hp) and rear-wheel drive, powerful version with two electric motors (428 hp) and all-wheel drive. But look at everything carefully…

First, the smart #3 electric SUV is indeed more “coupe-like” compared to the smart #1: it is lower, but wider and longer – a total of 4.4 meters compared to 4.27 meters in the first model. Secondly, along with the overall length, the wheelbase has also increased (now almost 2.79 m), the roof racks are more inclined, the aerodynamic resistance indicator has improved, and 20-inch wheels can be installed. The interior of the electric car has also changed somewhat – for example, the front panel of smart #3 is distinguished by round ventilation deflectors.

Buyers will be able to evaluate all the changes for themselves at the end of 2023 or at the very beginning of 2024: that’s when sales of the new smart #3 should start in various regions and countries.