Former Apple designer Imran Chaudhri, who created the iPhone interface, showed at the TED 2023 conference a device from his startup Humane, which promises to make technology less intrusive and more human. This development remained a secret for a long time, and Chaudhri finally showed what the company is working on.

Finally something new: the startup Humane showed a wearable device with a projection screen

As reports 9to5Google, the Humane device runs Android, it is much smaller than a smartphone and uses a laser projection screen instead of a standard display.

During the talk, Chaudhri took a call from his wife, Bethany Bongiorno, who is the co-founder of Humane, and showed the information about the call being projected onto his palm.

In addition to the lack of a screen, the Humane device does not require a smartphone to operate and uses a combination of voice and gesture input to control it. In addition to projection on the user’s palm, information from the device can be displayed by projecting it onto nearby objects.

There is also a camera on the top of the device, which was used during the demonstration to read and translate the text on the label. In addition, the device can translate the user’s voice messages in different languages using their own voice thanks to artificial intelligence.

In March, the Humane company announced a new round of investment in the amount of $100 million and a partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who was an early investor in Humane, also joined the new round. So we can assume that AI will be heavily used in most functions of the Humane device.