In response to the emergence of ChatGPT, some freelancers, copywriters and content managers are quitting their jobs and retraining as AI Prompt Engineers, writes The Vice.

According to some observations, text and image generators are able to create better content when users provide more specific tasks and prompts. So the new profession describes people who know how to pick better clues so that AI tools generate more relevant answers.

Some jobs are already offering up to $335,000 a year for this job without requiring applicants to have a technical education. For comparison, the average salary of a freelance copywriter in the USA is $69,000 per year.

The new trend and potentially high salaries lead some to believe that AI query engineers will become more in demand than traditional writers. This is evidenced by the example of one Reddit user who received an invitation to an interview in less than an hour after adding a new qualification to their Upwork profile.

“It was a real eye opener. Like it or not, ‘prompt engineer’ is currently a gig with a lot of opportunity and very little in the way of rules or regulations. It’s also presently a pretty cheap skillset to develop,” they wrote in a post. 

And while many people are embracing the new trend, there are also those who don’t see the value in adding a new skill to their resume. For example, content writer and copywriter David Morelo believes that AI will reduce the demand for traditional human content writing. But AI is becoming ubiquitous, so using it won’t provide an advantage.

“Writers don’t advertise their ability to use a computer — that’s just given. Once AI is included in Word and every other application under the sun, its use will become accepted and expected,” Morelo said.

Earlier, researchers from the University of Zurich found that ChatGPT can outperform workers performing the task of labeling text that will be used to train an AI system. They found that ChatGPT can tag text with greater accuracy and consistency.