By the way, already the second generation: Lexus LM first appeared in 2019 and offered space and luxury: in addition to the usual 7-seater interior, the car also had a version with a 4-seater interior, where “captain’s chairs” were installed in the back.

The new Lexus LM demonstrates a similar approach. This is a large minivan, made in a typical Lexus design: narrow headlights, a limitless radiator grille, wheels with thin spokes, the inscription “Lexus” on the trunk lid.

However, this is the case when the external design is not the main thing here. The main thing is what is inside. And inside the Lexus LM can be equipped with a 6-seater interior, decorated with fine leather and wood. Just pay attention to the headrests that hug the head. Or a large modern display on the front panel. Not bad…

Until you start studying the 4-seat version of the Lexus LM – and then it becomes clear “who is really the boss here”! Of course, the boss here is the person riding behind in one of the two separate seats. Where everything is provided: electric drive settings, climatic “concierge”, flat 48-inch TV, heating of everything and even armrests. Not enough? Then add the Rear Comfort driving mode, improved 3-level interior sound insulation and 64-color lighting.

More details about the technical features of the car will be known later – closer to the start of sales. And sales should start soon, and in 60 countries of Europe and Asia at once.