A video of a drone circling over the Gigafactory in Texas has been published online. In it, you can see how the long-awaited electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck passes tests in the wind tunnel. In particular, at the 13:42 mark, you can see the operation of a huge windshield wiper, which manages to cover most of the windshield.

Tesla is actively preparing for the start of mass production of the Cybertruck. It is expected to launch this summer. The company will gradually increase capacity, so it will be possible to talk about mass production no earlier than 2024. However, there are many questions about the electric pickup, in particular about the windshield wiper.

Tesla Cybertruck huge windshield wiper caught on video

In recent years, we’ve seen a variety of Cybertruck prototypes with more compact or huge windshield wipers. It is obvious that this issue was not the easiest to solve. Even Elon Musk noted that the windshield wiper is what worries him the most.

So it’s not yet clear if the wiper design seen in the video above is final. But, considering that the start of production is approaching, we will most likely see something similar in the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck.