Apple is reportedly in talks with component suppliers about possible MacBook production in Thailand.

According to Nikkei Asia, the suppliers involved in the talks, already have established bases in Thailand for other customers. “Ideally, Apple asked us to set up facilities in Vietnam for MacBooks, following in the footsteps of other Apple suppliers, but we offered an alternative option of building the product at our Thailand plants, which still have a massive space that can be reserved for the client,” a senior executive at one of the suppliers said. “As MacBook assembly will begin in Vietnam first, we could support the components from our Thailand plants, too. It will only take two to three days of logistics and custom clearance.”

Another supplier said it was building new factories in Thailand for Apple. In particular, the construction of a factory for the production of MacBooks and other products will be completed this year. There is also information that Apple has been mass-producing the Apple Watch in Thailand for more than a year.

It’s worth noting that Apple has expanded its component supply chain outside of China over the past few years. Part of the production has now been transferred to India and Vietnam. Apple’s further manufacturing diversification by making MacBooks in Thailand will help the company mitigate geopolitical tensions and avoid risks such as additional US taxes on imports from China.