One of the most common types of ordering food at home (or, for example, at the office) is pizza. In this respect, Domino’s is one of the most famous brands operating in many parts of the world. You can make an order in the traditional way via the phone, or in a more modern way – via an application.

And the company did not stop there. Its signature app now supports CarPlay, allowing you to place orders on the way home, say, right from the car. So, from the multimedia display, you can make a quick order based on previously created or frequently repeated options, or quickly contact the operator and make an order by phone (through the loudspeaker, of course):

There are two ordering options through Domino’s app on CarPlay, such as Tap to Order or Call to Order. Tap to Order lets customers submit their saved Easy Order or one of their most recent orders. Further, Call to Order allows them to place the order of their choice, hands-free, by talking to a customer service representative.

Domino’s is starting to take orders through CarPlay

Also, the application will include the classic Domino’s Tracker, with the help of which you can follow the status of the order and delivery.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this option starts working only in the USA, it is not yet possible to use this option in Ukraine.

Interestingly, Domino’s app is not the first to support CarPlay. Other well-known chains that are experimenting with similar capabilities also include, for example, Panera Bread and Dunkin’.