Soon, Samsung should present a new line of flagship tablets Galaxy Tab S9. However, this year we can see another top tablet from the South Korean company.

According to one of the insiders, Samsung is preparing to release its first foldable tablet. It should be announced together with the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Samsung has previously demonstrated concepts of large foldable displays. For example, this year, during the MWC 2023 exhibition, the company showed a prototype device that has two hinges, and the display itself consists of three parts.

Samsung may release a foldable tablet this year

The company also has a prototype of a “folded slider” Flex Hybrid, which can be folded and expanded, thus giving the user more options for using one device.

Samsung may release a foldable tablet this year

It is unlikely that Samsung will use such a complex design for its first foldable tablet. However, it will be interesting to see what the company will offer users and what advantages the tablet will have over the Galaxy Fold line (besides, obviously, the larger display).