Several recent iPhone models with iOS 15 release in 2021 were able to support Find My even when turned off. In this way, a lost or stolen smartphone should still be displayed in the search engine, regardless of its current state. Google is also preparing its response to similar functionality within the Finder Network.

Find My Device app should help you locate your Android smartphone even if it’s turned off. At the same time, other Android smartphones will help determine its location. Such a network for searching was called the Finder Network by Google. It should work not only with smartphones but also, for example, earbuds and other gadgets.

Kuba Wojciechowski on the pages of 91mobiles shared his discovery — similar functionality should soon become part of Google Play Services.

Devices registered in the Finder Network will be able to exchange an encoded signal via Bluetooth, which will form a search network. The function of finding a disabled smartphone will be called Power-off Finder and it should be an additional deterrent for thieves. In addition, a switched-off device will be able to send a signal to the network for a longer time, because it will not waste its charge reserve on other work.

As Mr. Wojciechowski notes, sometimes the name of the feature looks like Pixel Power-off Finder, which may indicate that it will initially work with smartphones from Google. But it is unlikely that this functionality will remain exclusive to the Pixel, the company will not deny support to other manufacturers when the feature is ready for use.