Compact crossover Subaru Crosstrek, which already has good ground clearance and four-wheel drive, received a new additional cross version called Wilderness. The recipe for creation is already familiar from similar versions of “older” models, but this does not make the new Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness any less interesting.

For example, from the outside, such a crossover is distinguished by changed bumpers, a new radiator grille, 6-cornered LED lights, Wilderness logos, etc.

However, this is only the beginning! In addition, the new Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness is distinguished by Yokohama tires and original 17-inch wheels. However, perhaps the most important feature of the appearance is the additional space under the body: yes, there is increased ground clearance! In total, more than 230 mm – plus about 10 mm compared to the already considerable ground clearance of the Subaru Crosstrek.

Is it ready for off-roading? After all, in addition to the above, the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness is distinguished by a changed transmission – the main pair has a gear ratio of 4.11 instead of 3.7 in the standard model. There are also new settings for the CVT variator and a high-performance transmission fluid cooling system. The power unit is standard, but its capabilities are enough for the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness model: the 2.5-liter gasoline engine produces 185 “horses”.

Regarding technical improvements, the changes in the interior do not look so important. However, they are: gold-copper decor (matching the exterior) and bright contrasting stitching, special seat trim with water-repellent properties, headrests with Wilderness inscription.

The new product will go on sale in the second half of this year. The cost of the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness on the US market is already known – from $32,000.