However, this statement applies to Europe. But… What’s it about? Recently, the head of the Volkswagen company gave an interview to a local German publication, where he talked about the company’s plans for the coming years.

The main thing: for now, the Volkswagen company is going to release only a few cars with traditional internal combustion engines (gasoline or diesel). These will be the Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen T-Roc models of new generations. One new model will also be added – the Volkswagen Tayron SUV, which will occupy a place half a class higher than the Tiguan. And then only scheduled updates and restyling are planned.

The other side of the coin is the total introduction of electric vehicles. Ten years from now, by 2033, in general, the European model line of Volkswagen should be represented only by electric cars. To achieve this, the company will launch several new platforms and models of electric vehicles. At the same time, not only the expansion of the “digital” ID line is expected, but also the preservation of well-known names – such as the Volkswagen ID.Golf.

However, all these are very distant plans that can still be adjusted. And above all, they can be adjusted depending on legislative initiatives in Europe – the introduction or cancellation of various environmental regulations, bonuses for electric cars, etc. In addition, Volkswagen plans to continue to produce cars with traditional internal combustion engines for other markets. However, this is interesting information.