During the CES 2023 exhibition in January, AMD presented several new series of mobile processors at once. Even last year, developers began to prepare users in advance for the fact that the labeling of future laptop chips will be quite specific, so trying to choose the optimal model for your tasks can become a non-trivial task.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Mobile

But AMD exceeded expectations by immediately offering Ryzen 7045, Ryzen 7040, Ryzen 7035, Ryzen 7030 and Ryzen 7020 and these are the names not of models, but of lines of processors that have completely different combinations of computing and graphics cores.

The orange labeling evolution of AMD

The developer’s marketing department tries to group certain series, focusing on categories and potential usage patterns of the system, but of course this is only half-measures and a very generalized approach.

AMD Rizen 7000 Mobile stickers

To further simplify the process of choosing a laptop with Ryzen 7000 series processors, AMD also decided to add visual markings for certain categories. Laptop models with processors of the Ryzen 7045 and Ryzen 7040 series, using the most advanced computing architecture Zen 4, will be distinguished by orange stickers whereas stickers with a gray base will be used for laptops on other lines.

The orange labeling evolution of AMD
Source: NotebookCheck

Bright stickers have already been spotted on new performance models hitting reviews.

Of course, this approach is also far from ideal, because, for example, a super-powerful gaming laptop on Ryzen 9 7945HX with discrete graphics and an ultra-thin model on Ryzen 5 7640HS have only a similar architecture of CPU computing cores in common, while the chips themselves, and even more so laptops on their base have fundamentally different possibilities. So, without first delving into the specifications, it will still be difficult to understand. Orange stickers alone will not get you there.