The large premium SUV Mercedes-Benz GLS received a planned update in the middle of its life cycle. Moreover, all variants of the car were updated at once: the basic Mercedes-Benz GLS model, its sporty AMG version, the luxury version with its own Maybach designation. So, let’s start with the base model Mercedes-Benz GLS.

The updated Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV can be recognized by the changed radiator grille, where four horizontal bars have received a new silver finish. The design of the front bumper has also changed, adding more gloss black. In addition, new variants of wheel disks have appeared. And among the technical changes, it is worth noting the appearance of an extended off-road package, which includes protection of the body from below and the possibility of increasing the ground clearance by 30 mm.

In the interior, new design options await: Catalana beige leather or Bahia brown. A new version of the MBUX system has also appeared, and decorative trim, which was previously offered only for the Maybach line, has been added as an option.

The sports version of the Mercedes-AMG GLS63 has also changed in a similar way: small updates on the outside, improved equipment inside, a new steering wheel.

However, what makes this car special is its powerful 612-horsepower V8 engine equipped with the ISG system: an integrated starter generator that adds power in the first moments when starting from a standstill or stores energy during braking. In addition, the updated Mercedes-AMG GLS63 SUV is distinguished by special 22- and 23-inch wheels. The car also received new suspension settings and body roll prevention system.

Finally, a few words about the luxury version of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600, for which the most important thing is an expressive design from the outside and undeniable comfort inside.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 car is distinguished by a two-tone body color, and a new option has been added: a combination of blue and gray colors. Perforated leather was used in the interior and a new steering wheel was installed. Finally, the MBUX Multi-Seat Entertainment system is offered as an option, providing three rear displays and advanced voice control capabilities for second-row passengers.

Well, is the updated Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV impressive? But even if you have a lot of money (and it will cost a lot), you will have to wait: sales will start only in September-October of this year.