Analyst Aakash Gupta studied Twitter’s algorithms and found that the social network is deliberately and quite strongly lowering the ranking of news about Ukraine, equating them to disinformation.

According to Mr. Gupta’s analysis, each like boosts the rank of a Twitter post by 30 units, each retweet by 20 units, and each reply by one unit. The presence of pictures and videos has a weight of 2. But links, on the contrary, lower the ranking, moreover, they have the status of spam. Also, if you actively ban and silence idiots, complain about spam, propaganda, harassment, racism, etc. your personal rating goes down. That is, to ban Russian bots and propagandists means to bury your own account. Mr. Musk and his company have strange logic.

But, that’s only if you don’t have a Twitter Blue subscription, which cancels out all the negative effects and gives your account a powerful boost.

Regarding the downranking of posts about Ukraine. The UkraineCrisisTopic checker is listed on the same list as medical disinformation, hate speech, propaganda for violence, toxic comments, and pornography. “Thank you”, Mr. Musk, we already understood that Russian and Chinese money does not smell.

Among other interesting information about Twitter’s algorithms, Aakash Gupta points out that the social network places your account in a cluster of similar accounts, and trying to go outside this “bubble” negatively affects post ranking. In addition, spelling mistakes and inventing new words (for example, “ruscists”, “rusnia”, etc.) have a very negative effect on the ranking.

It seems that in a short time, Elon Musk managed to build a new Twitter – a totalitarian network that supports only his point of view and tries to hide what Mr. Musk personally does not like, and now it is Ukraine.