The Official Steve Jobs Archive announced the publication of its first work – a free e-book called Make Something Wonderful, reports 9to5Mac. The book will be released in digital format on April 11 and will contain a collection of speeches, correspondence, interviews, as well as never before published emails, conversations and photos of the iconic Apple co-founder. The book will feature a foreword by Laurene Powell Jobs and is designed to inspire readers to “make their own wonderful things.”

Although a digital release has been confirmed, it is not yet clear whether a print edition of the book is in the works. The Steve Jobs Archive, launched in September 2022, serves as a repository for materials related to Jobs, including previously unpublished videos and emails. Laurene Powell Jobs and Jony Ive are among those who helped create the archive.

The phrase “Make something wonderful,” which inspired the book’s title, comes from an internal meeting at Apple in which Jobs expressed his belief that “one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.”

A link to download the book on digital platforms should appear on April 11th on the Steve Jobs Archive page.