Apple’s popular PC cleanup application CleanMyMac X has received an update with the Connected Devices feature, which aims to improve work with external devices.

To begin with, in Connected Devices you can see iOS and iPadOS devices, the remaining charge of their batteries, and the amount of free space in the drives. In addition, the application will offer a link to its blog with tips on saving memory on a smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth devices such as wireless keyboards, mice, headphones, etc. will also be displayed in the menu. This will allow monitoring the charge of their batteries. If it is low, the device will be visually highlighted, which will allow you to learn in time about the need to charge the gadget before the moment when its energy reserve is completely gone.

Finally, Connected Devices will also display connected drives and memory cards. In addition to indicating the free space, the application will be able to free the drive from unnecessary files (various service files and leftovers in the Trash), and through Space Lens it will be possible to more conveniently view the contents and, if necessary, get rid of excess. Additionally, you can safely remove individual or all connected drives from here.

The Connected Devices feature is free and already available in CleanMyMac X for all users of the application.