So, first information about the new generation Renault Espace has been fully confirmed. The car, which once began its history as a minivan, has now turned into an SUV: a noticeably emphasized hood, elongated body, good ground clearance (18 cm), and protective covers.

It is interesting that the developers immediately prepared several versions of the Renault Espace model. The Techno and Iconic variants have a more traditional design (the blue car in the photos below), while the sporty version of the Alpine (the gray car in the photos below) stands out with its own 20-inch wheels, grille, etc.

The new Renault Espace is built on the CMF-CD platform and turned out to be quite large: the total length reaches 4.72 m – although it is still noticeably less than its predecessor. However, the reduction in dimensions made it possible to significantly (-250 kg) lighten the novelty, which should have a positive effect on the economy.

It seems that the new Renault Espace is a hybrid. A 1.2-liter 3-cylinder gasoline “turbo” and two electric motors are combined inside. Also, the total power of the E-Tech Hybrid system reaches 200 “horses”, while excellent fuel economy is promised – only 4.6 liters per 100 km.

Despite the change in the body format, the new Renault Espace still kept its spacious interior – buyers are offered 5- or 7-seater versions of the model. The volume of the trunk is equal to 159 l (7-seater salon), or 777 l (5-seater salon), or even 1818 l (all seats are folded except for the front ones).

At the same time, the seats of the second row can be adjusted for additional comfort, and the seats of the third row should be offered without extra charge: that is, choose to your taste! As for the driver and front passenger, they should be impressed by the 9.3-inch display, digital instrument panel, and Multi-Sense settings system. And in general, technology is great. The 4CONTROL control system with rotating rear wheels, matrix LED headlights, etc. is offered for the new Renault Espace.

The start of sales of the new Renault Espace should take place at the end of this spring. The price will be announced closer to the start of sales.