National Police of Ukraine notified about the detention in the Cherkasy region of a man who ordered smartphones, and during the inspection of the parcels, placed mayonnaise instead. Law enforcement officers detained a man during another fraud attempt. Investigators opened criminal proceedings.

The reason for the detention was an appeal by employees of one of the post offices in the village of Ruska Polyana on March 22, who noticed that the recipient of the parcel had switched the product during its inspection. However, the suspect managed to drive off in an unknown direction even before the police arrived.

Having received the man’s description from the applicants, as well as information about the make and color of the car in which the man was traveling, the police began measures to identify and detain him. The next day, a man with similar features was spotted in the village of Dubiivka. He also came to the post office to receive a parcel, but was detained by the police.

After the arrest, the 38-year-old man, who was previously convicted of similar crimes, admitted that he had ordered expensive smartphones from district post offices under fictitious names. During the inspection of the parcels, he replaced the goods with previously prepared boxes of similar weight with mayonnaise or sauce.