The Mini company is preparing to replace several cars of its own model line at once, among which will be the Mini Clubman. This station wagon will not receive a direct descendant: its place will be shared by new models of adjacent classes. At the same time, the Mini Clubman station wagon will remain in the history of the company as “one of a kind.” In an effort to further emphasize this, the manufacturer says goodbye to the model with the release of a special version called the Mini Clubman Final Edition.

It is worth noting that the Mini Clubman station wagon is already quite an original model, because the body provides for the presence of six doors – in the rear part, access to the trunk is provided by double doors that open in different directions. In addition, the version of the Mini Clubman Final Edition received an attractive decor that only emphasizes the exclusive character: wheel rims with thin inclined spokes, sticker strips, and copper edging of details. And also – numerous logos with the inscriptions “1969” and “Final Edition”.

Similar ones can be found in the car interior: on the steering wheel, side sills, seats. The front panel is decorated not only with an 8.8-inch display in a traditionally round finish but also with a copper-colored strip with the designation “1969”. Of course, the car of the limited series is distinguished by the maximum equipment.

By the way, the numbers “1969” are used for a reason – this is the year when the first Mini Clubman car was released. Also in honor of the history of this model, a special version of the Mini Clubman Final Edition will also be produced in the number of 1,969 cars. A great end to life for the great original Mini Clubman!