When buying a new smartphone, several options appear for the old gadget in its further fate. Some remain in desk drawers, others are sold, and some end up in the hands of relatives and friends.

Another survey by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) raised exactly this question. Both iPhone owners and Android fans took part in the survey. And here the participants were offered six options: trade-in, sell, keep, give to a relative or friend, give for recycling, or the old gadget was simply broken, lost or stolen.

Thus, among the surveyed iPhone owners, 43% use the trade-in service. The iPhone retains its value well, so upgrading a gadget (especially not a very old one) can get a considerable discount. Another 7% of users sell their old iPhones on their own, getting even more profit. These two categories of answers made up half of the surveyed Apple smartphone owners.

Next, 23% of participants keep their old iPhone, and another 13% give the gadget they no longer need to their loved ones. The share of broken, lost or stolen devices was 8%, and the remaining 6% of users give their smartphones for recycling.

What users do with their old smartphones — CIRP

In the “Android camp” the situation is different. The vast majority of users — 54% — keep their old smartphone. Here, CIRP noted that 15% of new iPhone buyers are owners of Android smartphones, so it is worth considering that they may keep them in case the iPhone somehow does not suit them.

Perhaps the typically lower trade-in cost of Android phones makes this a less attractive deal. Or perhaps customers moving from Android to iPhone want to be sure they still have a familiar Android device they can fall back on or refer to if the migration fails to transfer all their contacts, photos, or notes to your new iOS device.

So, 14% of buyers of new smartphones turn to the trade-in service, while only 4% of respondents sell old devices on their own. 8% and 9% are broken-lost-stolen gadgets and given for recycling, respectively.

And how do you deal with your old smartphone when buying a new one?