Electric SUV Ford Explorer recently debuted — and even then it was reported that there should be at least two new electric cars on the MEV platform. It seems that now it has become clear what the second model will be.

According to the information from Autocar, it is about the return of the Ford Capri. We will remind: this was once the name of a compact youth sports coupe, which was quite popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

However, what will be the incarnation of the Ford Capri now? After all, Ford officials say that the use of legendary names from the past does not at all mean retro design and reproduction of original models. Yes, we all saw it perfectly, for example, the appearance of Ford Mustang and Ford Puma SUVs.

Of course, the models turned out not bad. But maybe it is still worth keeping the name of the classic compact coupe Ford Capri just for the classic compact coupe? Even with an electric drive. However, there are already enough SUVs…