Ford continues to use once-legendary names to launch new electric vehicles. First we saw an electric car called the Mustang, and now we meet the Ford Explorer electric SUV.

However, it should be noted: such an electric Ford Explorer was created specifically for Europe – in other markets, the large Ford Explorer SUV with traditional internal combustion engines remains. At the same time, for the European market, this Ford Explorer electric car should become the first example of a new “rebirth” towards electrification. The stakes are pretty high – so what is Ford going to play?

First, we have an electric 4.55-meter SUV with a 2.77-meter wheelbase – this is a model of the C-SUV class, which is one of the most popular now. Secondly, we have an electric car on the MEB platform from Volkswagen – this is one of the first examples of cooperation between two companies in the creation of electric models. In general, it is already known that there should be at least two such examples. Also, after the Ford Explorer electric car, one more electric model should be expected.

Thirdly, we have several versions of the Ford Explorer: they differ in the type of drive, power, and battery size. The minimum is a 52 kWh battery, one electric motor, rear-wheel drive, and about 170 hp. The maximum is a 77 kWh battery, four-wheel drive with two electric motors, total power of 340 “horses”. The autonomous range will depend on the specific configuration of engines and batteries, but the maximum should be expected at the level of 500-550 km.

Finally, we need to talk about the salon separately. After all, there was a place for more than one interesting development here.

For example, the front panel looks quite traditional. However, on its top there was a place for a separately installed “sound speaker” with illumination. In the center of the front panel (again) there is a large touch display. However, it is unusual to be able to adjust the angle of its inclination in the range of 30 degrees: from a reclining position to an almost vertical position. In addition, the Ford company promises many convenient niches, a spacious trunk, etc.

Production of the Ford Explorer electric car will begin only at the end of 2023, and the first commercial copies will go on sale in early 2024. The minimum cost of the new Ford Explorer will be around 45,000 euros.