The world market of No-code solutions will reach almost 200 billion dollars by 2030. Ukrainian developers and investors can become a significant part of this market.

This was discussed at a panel discussion dedicated to investments in low-code solutions for entrepreneurs and organized by the Ukrainian developer community Flowmates. Ukrainian and international investors took part in the discussion.

In particular, the discussion was moderated by Dmytro Kuzmenko, head of the Ukrainian Venture and Private Equity Association. According to one of the participants, Yaroslav Kolohryvov, CBDO and co-founder of the Ukrainian low-code platform PLATMA, now is the perfect time to invest in such solutions, because the market will grow almost twice in the coming years. “From an investor’s point of view, entering such a fast-growing market makes it much cheaper to take a sufficiently large stake in it and become a shareholder of a startup that will be among the market leaders in 5 years,” Kolohryvov emphasized.

Andrii Zinchuk, managing partner of ZAS ventures, specified that indeed, investors’ interest in such projects will only grow. But, in his opinion, the most interesting will be those projects that are focused on small and medium-sized businesses. These will be advanced solutions because it is small and medium-sized businesses that need to quickly create software and at the same time do not have large IT departments to develop their own product from scratch.

But in the second discussion panel, which was devoted directly to the use of Low-code solutions in business, the opinions of the speakers were divided. In particular, Maksym Popov, the founder of 42flows, noted that at the first stage of development, active users of Low-code platforms are large enterprises that have already tried to use various business automation solutions, including those developed by their IT departments. And it was during this development and implementation that they realized what they needed from Low-code platforms. And with this specific experience and needs, they consciously decide that they can use low-code platforms to speed up the process.

The discussion also developed at the Technologies panel, where the participants, among other things, discussed the competition between citizen-developers and traditional programmers, as well as the role of the education system in training specialists for working with Low-code platforms. The participants agreed that it is citizen developers who can give impetus to the development of the Low-code platform market and accelerate the development of new solutions for optimizing business processes. Andrii Bidochko, CEO of the UBOS platform, also added that for the effective development of education in the field of Low code, unification and standardization among all Low code platforms should also take place. In his opinion, the development of industry standards will be the next stage of platform development.


Flowmates – a Ukrainian community created by Ukrainian companies PLATMA, UBOS and 42flows, which develops the Ukrainian market of Low-code solutions and infrastructure for education for future citizen-developers who will develop applications to optimize business processes based on open software. The community plans to launch a training course for citizen developers as early as April 2023.

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