The studio Build a Rocket Boy Games, created by the former director of Rockstar North, producer and leading game designer of the Grand Theft Auto game series Leslie Benzies, presented the first teaser of its new game MindsEye, the events of which take place in the Everywhere multiverse, which the studio is working on creating.

The developers describe Everywhere as a world of incredible possibilities, where players will be able to participate in an almost infinite number of different adventures and events, and even create their own. MindsEye is one such narrative adventure created by the developers themselves, and it looks like a sci-fi action/adventure with shootouts and chases. A kind of GTA in the future.

MindsEye – a new game from the leading developer of GTA III / IV and V

According to the NME website, MindsEye is just one of a number of games that Build a Rocket Boy Games is going to make as part of Everywhere. Projects will differ in setting, time period, place of events, but they may be combined into one big story. And players will thus receive sets of assets that they can use in their own projects.

MindsEye – a new game from the leading developer of GTA III / IV and V

Development of Everywhere began back in 2016 using the Amazon Lumberyard engine, but in 2020 the project moved to the Unreal Engine.

In any case, whether Everywhere will be successful and interesting will be shown by the release of MindsEye, which can be perceived as a kind of advertising campaign of the multiverse from Build a Rocket Boy Games. It is interesting that the release date of Everywhere, i.e. MindsEye, is considered to be 2023.