The Ukrainian adventure The Safe Place from Anate Studio has been released on Steam. The events of the game take place in the early 1990s in a post-Soviet industrial town.

In reality, Anate Studio is just one person, indie developer Anatolii Koval, and The Safe Place is his fifth game, counting the free-to-play The Kite. All Anate Studio projects are characterized by a very gloomy atmosphere and social problematics.

The plot of the game tells about an ordinary engineer Oleksandr, who suffers in poverty at the height of the economic crisis of the early 90s, and about a 12-year-old girl Khrystyna, who is also not all right. Oleksandr accidentally kills a person, and Khrystyna witnesses this. Two characters make a deal…

In terms of gameplay, The Safe Place is a classic point & click adventure game. We look for items, try to use them with each other and with all active areas of the screen. Classic. The author promises that the choice of lines in dialogues affects the plot of the game.

The Safe Place has full voice acting in English and Ukrainian, as well as, of course, full localization of text, interface and subtitles in both languages.