Urban Strategy Developer Ostriv released a trailer for the Alpha 5 update and joked that it might be time to call Ostriv a game about building a small Ukrainian settlement.

The thing is that in Alpha 5, Ostriv really looks like a city-, not a village-building strategy. Two- and three-story houses in the spirit of the Ukrainian Baroque, paved roads appeared in the game. Accordingly, a chain of brick production was added, of course, with mines for extracting raw materials – sand and clay, and new types of plots with this resource. In addition, Alpha 5 will introduce a health mechanic and sudden changes in population performance.

We will remind, the development of Ostriv began back in 2014. And in 2020, the game appeared on Steam. Recently, the development, which is carried out by only one person living in Kharkiv, has been further slowed down by shelling and electricity problems. But the game continues to improve and has been playable for a long time.

You can buy Ostriv Alpha 5 version on official game site, Steam and on GOG. Ostriv has a Steam rating of 92% and sold about 100,000 copies of the game on this platform alone.