A Ukrainian non-linear 2D horror-adventure page appeared on Steam called 4 days in *** from Tobi Torba Games team.

The heroine of the game came to a conference on innovations in the field of health and stayed in a very strange hotel. The administrator warned her that she shouldn’t go up to the 4th floor, but who and when did that stop?

In 4 days in ***, the player chooses how the plot will develop. That is, they can carefully go through the game without being exposed to danger, or try to solve the most terrible secrets of the hotel.

The authors are going to create a horror atmosphere with the help of sounds, music, and visual effects. The player can explore the hotel and look for secrets hidden on each floor. The decisions made will lead to different options for the development of events and endings of the game, of which there are several. And of course, this hotel is dangerous, so the player must be careful to survive to the end.

Adventure 4 days in *** is developed by the Tobi Torba Games team, which participated in Indie Cup Ukraine ’22 with an interesting project Ambidexter. But currently, the authors and these are only two people, game designer and programmer Mykyta Evdokymenko and artist Yuliia Sokolovska, decided to pay attention to another game, which became 4 days in ***.