Not many smartphones can offer interesting accessories or modular cases. The latter are mostly cases with stands and/or additional holders (such as popsockets) for greater convenience. A similar modular case for Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones now has two more similar options.

The first accessory is a small foldable tripod Slim Tripod Stand. It is attached behind and allows you to install the smartphone in front of you in portrait or landscape orientation. In this way, the smartphone can be conveniently placed in front of you on the table, for example, for video communication or watching videos. In a semi-folded state, it will be able to perform the function of a holder, which is often used by vloggers to shoot videos.

The dimensions of the Slim Tripod Stand are 52×10.5×96 mm, and the weight is 70 grams. The accessory is presented only in gray color.

The second option is more interesting. It is called Camera Grip Stand. This is also a stand with the same principle of attachment, but it has more possibilities. In addition to a couple of placement options, it also has a built-in foldable tripod. What’s more, the stand has a removable button that works with the camera app. It supports Bluetooth communication with a smartphone and can be used for remote “shutter release” for, say, group photos or recording video blogs.

Camera Grip Stand was made only in white color with black inserts. The dimensions of the stand are 64×26×74 mm with a weight of 85 grams.

Accessories are not yet available in all countries. For example, the Slim Tripod Stand costs £34 in UK stores, while the Camera Grip Stand costs around $45 in China. Both accessories additionally require a branded Clear Gadget Case, the official price of which in Ukraine is 2199 hryvnias.