Probably, every Formula One fan dreams of getting behind the wheel of a real car and driving on one of their favorite tracks. Making this dream come true is not an easy task, so, in the best case, one can buy a steering wheel for a console or PC and drive in F1 2022.

However, Memento Exclusives and the Oracle Red Bull Racing team decided to offer a more immersive gameplay experience. They have created a simulator that looks like the RB18 champion’s car, in which Max Verstappen won the Formula One championship in the 2022 season.

The same processes are used for the production of the simulator as for real cars. In fact, you get an RB18 cockpit with an integrated AOC monitor, speakers, and all the other hardware you need for gameplay. All you have to do is connect the simulator to the network and you can go for the warm-up circuit.

The Champions Edition and The Race Edition

The simulator is available in two versions: The Race Edition for £74,999 and The Champions Edition, which costs £99,999. The second is distinguished by the presence of a front wing. You can choose the livery of Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez.