The Volkswagen company demonstrated a new concept car, which should later be transformed into a mass-produced electric car. It seems that the new Volkswagen ID.2all is quite simple, but in fact it should be a very important model.

First, the Volkswagen ID.2all concept received a familiar design. Here there is a minimum of experiments and imposed brevity, as in the Volkswagen ID.3 model – instead, we see a traditional design in the style of Volkswagen, but designed in the modern realities of 2020-2025. After all, it has already been announced that a production model based on the Volkswagen ID.2all will be released in 2025.

Secondly, the new electric car will bring with it the embodiment of the new MEB Entry platform: the electric motor is placed in front, a simple semi-independent suspension is used in the back – all as in the compact European models of the B/C class. After all, the electric car that will “grow” from the Volkswagen ID.2all concept will be aimed at this niche: we have a 4.05-meter body and a 2.6-meter wheelbase. That is, the Volkswagen ID.2all electric car is similar in length to the Volkswagen Polo, but it is already similar to the Volkswagen Golf in terms of wheelbase and interior space.

By the way, about the interior. Inside there are several displays, a tall central console, background decorative lighting. Looks like nothing special; however, pay attention to the possible design of the displays: among other things, interesting “retro” themes are provided. At the same time, the novelty should receive quite modern equipment: adaptive cruise control, IQ.LIGHT headlights, Travel Assist system.

Full technical information is currently unknown. However, the promised mileage is up to 450 km, the maximum speed is up to 160 km/h, the power of the electric motor is up to 166 kW or 226 “horses”. And the approximate price is about 25,000 euros, which is much less than what is being asked for Volkswagen electric cars today. It seems that the new Volkswagen ID.2all really should become an “electric car for everyone” and everyone will like it.