Blizzard plans to test Diablo IV beta in two stages. This weekend, March 17-19, it will be in the Early Access format – available to those who pre-ordered any version of the game, while the next, March 24-26, it will be open to everyone, in the form of an open beta.

A pre-download is already available for the first phase, which shows the size of the game: the full installation of this beta will take up a whopping 84 GB, and half that for the version without the high-res texture pack.

During the beta test, players will have access to the prologue and the entire first act of Diablo IV, with the first zone of Fractured Peaks, it will be possible to upgrade the character to level 25. Three hero classes will be available on the first weekend: Barbarian, Sorceress, and Rogue, with Druid and Necromancer joining them in the open beta. Progress between both stages of the beta will be saved, but all characters created will be deleted when the beta is over.

Diablo IV should be released very soon, on June 6 this year. The standard version of the game costs UAH 2,449, the “digital deluxe” costs UAH 3,149, and the “ultimate” edition costs UAH 3,499.