NASA again has chosen Axiom Space‘s proposal for the third private flight of astronauts to the International Space Station. Both parties have already signed flight orders and hope to launch in November 2023 or later from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A more precise date will be announced later, as it will depend on the timing of other flights to the ISS, as well as on the planning of on-orbit activities.

Axiom Mission 2, which is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2023, should first go to the space station before Axiom Mission 3.

Ax-3 is currently in very early stages. The private space company must still submit four proposed crew members and two backup crew members to the agency for consideration, and the mission commander must be a NASA astronaut who has already flown on the ISS.

By agreement of the parties, NASA may request the commander to perform certain tasks or scientific experiments while on board. In the meantime, Axiom Space astronauts will be able to use NASA’s cargo and other resources in orbit for their daily needs.