Health tracking and user assistance features are not new to many gadgets. And the technology of the Apple company is among the leaders in this direction. According to Mark Gurman, quite soon AirPods will receive new functions related to the health of the owner. 

Mr. Gurman says that Apple “intends to upgrade AirPods to become a health tool in the next year or two.” And we are talking about some kind of hearing aid.

In 2018, along with iOS 12, the Live Listen function appeared, which allows you to better hear the environment in earbuds in real time with the help of the iPhone microphone – a kind of hearing aid. But it is not approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). And here Mark Gurman suggests that this may appear quite soon:

I believe Apple intends to upgrade the AirPods to become a health tool in the next year or two, with the ability to get hearing data of some sort. The AirPods have long had a feature called Live Listen that can boost audio from across a room, making the earbuds sort of like a hearing aid.

This, of course, isn’t FDA approved and isn’t meant to function as a hearing aid replacement. But given Apple’s goal to make health one of its next big initiatives, I wouldn’t be surprised if the AirPods do eventually take on those functions more officially. That’s something that would help tens of millions of people, if not more.

However, unfortunately, it is not yet known what exactly the functions are.