One of the most interesting and convenient features of Samsung smartwatches for a long time has been the rotating mechanical bezel around the display. With its help, it is convenient to navigate through the system (which was also adapted to the bezel), and it also gives a certain feeling of using a classic mechanical watch.

The bezel debuted back in 2015, in the Gear S2 model. However, in recent years, Samsung has begun to pay less attention to it. At first, the company divided the models into versions with and without a bezel, and in Galaxy Watch5 / Watch5 Pro completely abandoned it in favor of a one-piece chassis with a touch bezel.

Samsung may bring back the mechanical bezel in the Galaxy Watch6 Pro

Rotating bezel in Samsung Gear S2

Meanwhile, it was rumoured online that the mechanical bezel may return to the Galaxy Watch6 Pro. It will be exclusive to the Pro version of the smartwatch, which will be offered in two sizes (Galaxy Watch5 Pro is only available in 45 mm).

As for other technical specifications, it is reported that Samsung will increase the battery capacity of the watches, which cannot but please, and will also use rounded protective glass.